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The Elder is Watching

As a devout high priest of the Old Ones, the unwavering Jadecan is determined to unlock the Elder’s Vault at any cost. Its prisoner is needed more now than ever, for only they can save Niushki from its horrors and rid it of the alien invaders. Mercilessly, Jadecan wanders the moon unrelenting, ill-disposed and alone. Being possibly the last of his kind, there is no room for failure. But as betrayal breeds murder, his life is forever changed. The fate of his species and the universe hangs in the balance. A thrilling space odyssey that's like no other. A gripping sci-fi fantasy that’s packed with twists and turns. From its gut wrenching opening to its shocking end, it’ll have you questioning the true meaning of science fiction. 



Kody Killam

Kody Killam is not exactly what one would call normal, and his space operas are no different. Whether it’s in his lyrics or his manuscripts, he enjoys the unhinged and telling a story that’s much the same. His tales are often a complex labyrinth of science fantasies meshed into a web of weird horror fictions. Having been living alongside aliens for most of his life – on a little planet called, Earth – Kody’s stories are uniquely otherworldly, and his debut novel, Benign Dystopia, is no exception. He was born somewhere out there in the cosmos, far from this planet, but would eventually find his way here in the year of 1986. On the 28th day of September, he would land under the cover of darkness on the outskirts of Houston, Texas, and around thirty years later, the author Kody Killam, would be born.


Aaron Harvey

Music, art, math, language, and science have always been a part of life for Aaron Harvey. A couple of decades later he became connected to what his fate would be, allowing him to see his potential and sentinel the changes needed. Perceived as weird by many, he has been a helping hand for those uniquely unaware of the guidance given where place meets time. Throughout it all, he has been an artisan to troubleshoot the shape and composition of ideas made manifest by allies. What will come to pass can be determined by rearranging the visions located in his dreams. Residing in that stormy mind, lives a perplexity that many cannot understand or relate to. This simplicity comes from complexity, but that ambiguity sprouts chaos that designs the future.

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