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The Twilight

​It wasn’t always this way. The desolate moon of Niushki was once a quiet and peaceful place, but then they came. Their large starships came and went, it didn’t take long for them to spread like a plague across the white dust, destroying all in their way. A young Akiko watches as his tribe is slaughtered by the invading disease before him, known as the Reogki. Years later the Cerulean’s Olensi showed up briefly, setting up their terminals and by doing so introduced technologies never seen before, but quickly left afterwards. The Balgorex arrived a couple of decades later after the initial Reogki invasion, and quickly took over, claiming the moon to be theirs. It was as the Old Ones had predicted, death will come by way of stars, but would also bring about a change of events even they could not foresee.


Jadecan Xtyct

The last of the Akiko, Jadecan was spared by the Balgorex and served under them as an all in one enforcer. While carrying out the Balgorex's dirty work, he would avenge his species and others by killing all those responsible for their demise.



A self aware UFO of mysterious origins, and Jadecan's conscience.

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